The Institute for Contemporary Art, the successor of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art – Zagreb was founded in 1993 and registered as an independent nonprofit organization, a citizens’ association in 1998.
The founders of the Institute are a group of art historians, curators, artists, photographers, designers, publishers, university professors and journalists.

At the time of its establishment in 1993 the aims of the SCCA – Zagreb were to upgrade to the existing system of institutions of contemporary art in Croatia, to promote artists, visual arts and other artistic creativity, to initiate the documentation on contemporary artists, and to build a recognizable network of contemporary art production in the area where we were active. At the beginnings, the Institute acted as a logistics centre for helping artists and their promotion, as the organizer of exhibitions, and has participated in the formation of civil society in Croatia.

Initially, our offices were situated at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, later the Museum of Contemporary Art, and for a short time, we stayed in the former premises of the MGC, the Museum Gallery Center, today the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in the Upper Town of Zagreb. Since 1995 we have been working in different private spaces. FACE Croatia – The Fund for Croatian Arts and Cultural Exchange was seated in our office at the beginning of the 2000s. At the time, we briefly hosted the Croatian Independent Publishers (HNN/CIP). Between 2011 and 2014, we were kindly welcomed by the association Academia Moderna in their venue where for the first time in 18 years, we have started our gallery activity.

The quarter of the century later, at our eighth address, the Institute for Contemporary Art now has its own gallery space, library and archive. We established Radoslav Putar Award in 2002, an international network Young Visual Artists Awards and a manifestation Gallery Weekend Zagreb in 2015, various publishing, educational and other programs.
Our flexible and internationally active organization aims to support artistic production, artistic and theoretical research, transfer of knowledge, cooperations with local and international organizations and improve the possibilities and work circumstances in the field of contemporary art.

Our programs include artists, curators, art historians, experts and a wide range of local and international audiences interested in contemporary art.

In our team were:
Branka Stipančić, Darko Šimičić, Jadranka Vinterhalter, Martina Matić and Janka Vukmir.

We worked with a large number of collaborators, volunteers, including those who have helped us a lot:
Branka Cvjetičanin, Davor Kristijan, Željko Mrkšić, Jasmina Fučkan, Ivana Gabrić, Lea Vene, Nina Pisk, Sanja Horvatinčić, Danijela Pandža, Petra Srbljinović, Petra Krolo, Nikolina Pejić, Ivan Peleh, Barbara Majnarić, Leopold Rupnik…

There were many colleagues and associates working with us during this time, and we are looking forward to all those who are yet to come.


The founders and/or members of the
Institute for Contemporary Art are:

Agar Pata Since (1999), Boris Cvjetanović, Branko Čagec, Darko Šimičić, Igor Kuduz, Branka Stipančić (until 1999), Jadranka Vinterhalter, Janka Vukmir, Karmen Bašić († 1999), Leonida Kovač, Mladen Lučić, Slaven Tolj, Zvonko Maković and Zlatko Gall.