CROATIAN LANDSCAPE – Levelling Histories on an Imaginary Horizon

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Exhibition catalogue, 2014.
42 pages, 29,7 x 21 cm
Bilingual (Croatian/English), softcover
Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Editor: Janka Vukmir
Authors: Lorenzo Fusi, Sanja Sekelj, Ana Kovačić, Janka Vukmir, Sandra
Vitaljić, Rajko Radovanović, Marijan Crtalić

Artists and Exhibitors:
Željko Badurina, Dino Bičanić, Tomislav Brajnović,
Hrvoslava Brkušić i Igor Bezinović, Eric del Castillo, Marijan Crtalić, Fokus
grupa, Lorenzo Fusi, Sanja Horvatinčić, Hrvatska turistička zajednica,
Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo (HDD), Siniša Labrović, Letricija Linardić, Antun
Maračić, Marko Marković, Mario Matoković, Bojan Mrđenović, Pan Am
Airways, Renata Poljak, Petar Popijač, Rajko Radovanović, Ivana Rončević,
Neli Ružić, Davor Sanvincenti, Gasper Sopi, Superstudio 29 / Ira Payer, Maša
Poljanec, Andro Giunio, Saša Šimpraga, Noel Šuran, Ivan Tudek, Sandra
Vitaljić i Ana Zubak.

Exhibition Croatian Landscape – Levelling Histories on an Imaginary
Horizon was created in a joint effort and as a response to the
invitation of the project curator Lorenzo Fusi to exhibitors, to think
about gathering responses to following questions about Croatia:
“What kind of picture does Croatia give to the outside world? What
does Croatia want me to know about it or what is it trying to make
me think about it?”, “What do I know about Croatia? “and “What is
Absurdities, problems, burdens, hardships, struggles, attempts,
efforts, pretentiousness, kitsch, nonsense, superficiality, survival,
lightness, humour and all the other wonders of Croatian reality were
portrayed through the works of artists and documents in this
exhibition describing Croatia. The setup of the exhibition offered a
horizontal line of forcibly levelled disparate elements defining the
cultural, political, economic and material history of the country.
Exhibition curators Ana Kovačić and Sanja Sekelj chose the works
for the exhibition between proposals submitted to an open call. The
selection was made based on the following criteria: the degree to
which the proposals followed and answered to the above-cited
questions, but also the degree to which the proposals could lend
themselves to the physical and technical capabilities and spatial
The result of this playful project was an imaginary Croatian horizon,
a uniform row of collective comments, views, criticisms and
reflections on the cultural, social, political, hierarchical, assimilative
and simplifying horizon of the milieu in which Croatia lives.
The catalogue designer is Igor Kuduz, and the catalogue resembles a
commercial tourist magazine.
Texts in the catalogue are by the curators and include several
statements by the artists. Introduction by the editor.


Lorenzo Fusi (b. 1968) is the Artistic
Director of PIAC (Prix International d’Art Contemporain) of the
Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco. He was the Visiting Academic
Curator at the Alberta College of Art + Design where he directed
the Illingworth Kerr Gallery between 2016-2018. Previously, he was
the Director of Open Eye Gallery, one of the oldest not-for-profit
photography galleries in the UK. Prior to this appointment, Fusi was
the International Curator at the Liverpool Biennial, for which he
curated the 2010 and 2012 renditions, titled Touched and The Unexpected Guest.
Between 2001 and 2009 he was the Chief Curator at Palazzo delle Papesse
Contemporary Art Centre, to then became the Contemporary Art Curator of the
Santa Maria della Scala museum hub in Siena (Italy).
Fusi regularly lectures at universities and has a portfolio of
over 60 curated exhibition projects and as many publications and
almost 200 commissions.