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Artist’s Book, 2014
28 pages, colour, / 17 x 11.5 cm
Publishers: Institute for Contemporary Art , Zagreb;
Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Ljubljana, 2014
Edition of 300, Stitch Bound

The publication was released on the occasion of Dejan Habicht’s solo
exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Zagreb and the
Blind date After exhibition, dedicated to artists’ books and a Swiss
publisher Kodoji Press, organised in collaboration with the
Ljubljana based gallery P74 and Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., both
conceived by the artists and curator Tadej Pogačar.
The book contains the series of 26 colour photographs, shot in Sipar
on May 30, 2014.

Dejan Habicht is a conceptual artist and publicist. He studied
philosophy and ethnology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana (1978-
1984) and holds a degree in ethnology (1984). Between years 1987
and 2000 he worked as a freelance photographer, and since 2002,
he has been a photographer at the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana.
He is the author of many books by the artist, among them “12 Boring
Songs”, “One Gasoline Station”, “Please”, “American Bar”,
“Woodcuts”, “Final Stations”, “Deconstructing Modern”.
His artist’s books are listed in many international collections. Dejan
Habicht has participated in numerous international exhibitions and
events at home and abroad.