Miljenko Horvat: POSTCARDS

| price: each postcard 10,00 HRK

Set of postacrds with short haiku lyrics by Miljenko Horvat, originally written
in English.

Edition of 4 b/w postcards, 10 x 15 cm
Design: Igor Kuduz

– we’re running, we’re walking, we’re standing still
frankly, what difference does it make?

– hope is bigger than possibilities
but smaller than illusions

– when I die let five jars hold my ashes
one for kisses one for tears one for joys
and one for sorrows
and the last one for Eternity

– thinking of death is not good for living
thinking of life is the best
at dying

Set of postcards accompanied the exhibition “I Have a Great Handicap,
I Have No Theory” by
Miljenko Horvat (1935 – 2012), the youngest
member of the famous Gorgona group (1959 – 1965) from Zagreb.
The exhibition held at the beginning of 2012 was his first solo
exhibition in Zagreb since 1965, before he left for France and later
settled in Canada, and was last one held during his lifetime.
Texts on the postcards are a selection of his poetry titled “Selected
Haiku and other illusions”, rarely published and originally written in

Text at the back of the postcards in Croatan only:
Razglednice u nakladi Instituta za suvremenu umjetnost, ljubaznošću
umjetnika, 2012., povodom izložbe Imam veliki manjak, nemam nikakvu
teoriju, Miljenko Horvat kolaži, fotografije i crteži 1957. – 1994., 24. 1. – 10. 2.
2012., Galerija Academia Moderna, Zagreb, organizacija: Institut za suvremenu
umjetnost, Augusta Šenoe 11, HR-10000 Zagreb, info@scca.zg
Translates to:
Postcards published by the Institute for Contemporary Art, courtesy of the
artist, 2012, on the occasion of the exhibition “I have a Great Handicap, I have
No Theory, Miljenko Horvat, collages, photographs and drawings 1957 – 1994,
January 24 through February 10, 2012, Gallery Academia Moderna, Zagreb,
organisation Institute for Contemporary Art, Augusta Šenoe 11, HR – 10000