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Exhibition catalogue, 2015.
ISBN: 978-953-8027-02-4
36 pages, 23.5 x 16.4 cm
Bilingual (Croatian / English), softcover
Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Editor: Janka Vukmir
Author: Ana Peraica

Exhibition of Neli Ruz ic “Time Lapsus” was her first solo exhibition in
Croatia following returning from Mexico, after having been there for
more than a decade, and included works from the period before
leaving to after the return.
Neli concentrates her entire body of work around issues of
overlapping synchronicities, personal and collective, remembering
and forgetting, all in the context of migration and transition of

“In parallel to a larger scale of the great historical narrative, the
author tells the story of her own history, and not only of the
matrilineal but also of the diagonal history (of women) in the family.
She appears in the role of a narrator who compares the personal with
the spaces personal is brought into, the same as an individual,
personal narrative is brought into the published, well-known and
public history, which will inevitably both contaminate it and compel it
to a new memory.” form the text of Ana Peraica

Neli Ružić (1966, Split), graduated in painting from the Faculty of
Applied Arts in Belgrade (1990) and completed MA studies at the
Facultad de Artes, UAEM, Mexico (2013). She participates actively in
the Croatian art scene to the end of the 90ies when she moves to
Mexico. Since 2003 she taught as a professor at ENPEG La Esmeralda,
Mexico City (-2012.); UAEM Cuernavaca, Morelos (-2007.); ESAY,
Merida, Yucatan (2008-2009.) Within TRANSITOS, Diplomado en
Investigacio n, Experimentacio n y Produccio n Artí stica
Transdisciplinaria, Centro Nacional de las Artes Cenarte, Mexico City,
coordinated disciplinary workshops (2008- 2011). Returned to
Croatia in 2012.
Her works are part of collections of contemporary art Gallery Marino
Cettina; Canal Mediateca Caixa Forum, Barcelona; Museo de mujeres,
Mexico, and were shown in TV series Lucida, Latin video, Centro de
Investigacio n en Artes Electro nicas de la Universidad Nacional de
Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ana Peraica