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Exhibition catalogue, 2015.
38 pages, 14 colour images, 29 x 25 cm
Bilingual: Croatian and English, softcover
Publisher: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka
Authors: Sabina Salamon, Jeppe Wedel-Brandt, Nermin Duraković,
Srećko Horvat

Northern Insularity is the title of an exhibition shown at the MMSU
(Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka) and ICA
(Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb) in Croatia in 2015.

The exhibition concept is based on a collection of art pieces, dealing with the Danish immigration system and its conditions and all produced in the period from 2002 to 2015. The presented works of art include light installations, a sound installation, video and a printed guide-book.


The exhibition is complemented with a catalogue which is made in
collaboration with Danish cultural analyst Jeppe Wedel Brandt and
Croatian philosopher and journalist Srec ko Horvat, contributing
with the texts “A History of Nationalism and Human Debasement”
(Wedel Brandt) and “They come here only for our beautiful girls”

Jeppe Wedel-Brandt (1980) is an cultural historian and activist
from Copenhagen. He holds a degree in Literature and Cultural
Studies from the University of Copenhagen. He has been co-editor of
the magazine ”Øjeblikket. On art and what art is about” (2006-
2010), is co-founder and editor of the activist magazine ”visavis – on
asylum and migration” and has been part of planning actions such as
”Luk Lejren” (”Shut down the Camp”, 2008), ”Kirkeasyl” (Church
Asylum, 2009), and ”Out of the Camps!” (2012). He was also part of
the group ”Copenhagen” (2007-2014) and currently writes a blog on
the left wing political portal Modkraft. He is currently living in
Sarajevo, BiH.

Srećko Horvat (1983) is a philosopher from Croatia. His latest
publications include ”What Does Europe Want?” with Slavoi Žižek
(Columbia University Press, 2014) and ”The Radicality of Love”
(Polity Press, 2015). He is a regular contributor to the Guardian,
New York Times and Al Jazeera.
Nermin Duraković (1979) is a visual artist, based in Copenhagen,
Denmark. He is born in the Former Yugoslavia, today’s Bosnia and
Herzegovina. in 2005 he graduated at the Funen Academy of Fine
Arts (Denmark) and has exhibited at museums and galleries in
Denmark and abroad. Next to his work production he has initiated
several social initiatives with a sociopolitical and cultural mobilising