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ISBN 978-953-8027-10-9
56 pages, 20 x 13 cm
Bilingual (Croatian / English), softcover, stitched
Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Editors: Tomislav Pavelić, Janka Vukmir
Text: Tomislav Pavelić
Translation: Tomislav Pavelić, Darko Poslek
Design: Igor Kuduz – D72


This artist’s book titled WISDOMS came to life with the exhibition “Wisdoms”, which was on the show at the Institute of Contemporary Art and as the first collaboration between the artist and the Institute for Contemporary Art.


The artist is regularly solving 8-directional crosswords that as a solution have some wisdom or saying. Each crossword was exhibited on a separate page as an independent piece, original print, with handwritten solution, in chronological order. The result is a selection short texts, sentences of this ludic activity, which audience can read in serious and entertaining manner.


“Artist book “Wisdoms” has been derived from the work in progress of the same title (since 2018.), which consists of 8-directional crosswords that have as a solution some wisdom. The work includes with no selection all the wisdoms/ crosswords that I have solved since the beginning of making the work. The process of making the work will be finished when I’ll collect 100 wisdoms, and the artist book contains of the first 50 wisdoms…”

Tomislav Pavelić



Tomislav Pavelić was born in 1964 in Zagreb, where he completed his studies in architecture in 1990. He works as an architect and exhibits since 1996. He regularly writes essays on architecture and visual arts. He is the initiator of the show The Reality of Space, Between Poetics and Politics (editor Evelina Turković) on Croatian national radio, Channel 3. In 2012, he was elected Commissioner / Curator of the Croatian appearance at the 13th Venice International Architecture Exhibition. He was many times awarded for his architectural and essayistic work.


Janka Vukmiris an art historian, art critic and curator. She is a Co-founder and a President of the Institute for Contemporary Art.


Igor Kuduz, (Zagreb, 1967) is a visual artist and graphic designer, a professor at the Department of Media Design, University North, Koprivnica. He is one of the co-founders of the Institute for Contemporary Art and designer of the majority of Institute’s publications.