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Conference Textbook, 2010
ISBN 987-953-96323-8-8
184 Pages, 15 X 10.5 Cm
In English), Softcover, Flaps
Publisher: Institute For Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Editors: Giuliana Carbi, Janka Vukmir

Janka Vukmir, Giuliana Carbi, Vlasta Delimar, Lala Raščić, Jadranka
Vinterhalter, Edit Andras, Hedvig Turai, Dunja Balžević, Domestic Research
Society [Alenka Pirman, Jani Pirnat, Damjan Kracina], Sonja Leboš

The study of correlative terms existing in a particular language may
often throw valuable light on the manners and customs of the nations
using it.
(Peter Mark Roget, 1852)

The keyword we wish to put on our agenda as a starting exploring
term is MEMORY [memorial – monument – public – public space]
In order to find inferences with regard to the contemporary state of
European society and looking for the best tools for safeguarding the
European intangible cultural heritage, WORDS ROOM aims to
compare how are defined in the European dictionaries some
particular concepts dealing with art and culture and the ‘relation
with the other’ – according to their specific significations in each
country and its historical development.
Are there important or small differences in the European languages
with regard to the definition of selected words, or about the
relations between them and about the ideas which they express?
And if yes, what does that mean?

“Words Room”, Project Introduction
Janka Vukmir:
Memory Motel, excerpt from conference opening
Giuliana Carbi: Words Room’s Ongoing Notebook #1: Word
Monument, Zagreb 2010
Vlasta Delimar: Elementary Body_Naked Body_Memory Body
Lala Rasčić: Damned Dam
Jadranka Vinterhalter: Documentation As Memory Of
Contemporary Art
Edit András: Transitland, A Video Archive And A Reader
Hedvig Turai: The (After)Life Othe Memento Park, Budapest
Dunja Blažević: Clash Of Memories Or About Ownership
Domestic Research Society (Alenka Pirman, Jani Pirnat,
Damjan Kracina): Word For Word Without Word
Sonja Leboš: About The Project Theatre Of Memories. Phase 1
Addenda Memory
Conference Program
About Authors
Conference Photos