Tomislav Pavelić: WISDOMS, book promotion and artist’s talk



We kindly invite you to the promotion of the artist’s book and artist’s talk


Tomislav Pavelić:



Institute for Contemporary Art

Trg kralja Tomislava 20, Zagreb


on Saturday, March 7, 2020, at 6:00 pm


Participating: Tomislav Pavelić, Bojan Krištofić and Janka Vukmir



This artist’s book titled WISDOMS was created with the exhibition “Wisdoms”, which is now on the show at the Institute of Contemporary Art and will be closed on Saturday 7 March with the promotion of the book and artist’s talk.


ISBN 978-953-8027-10-9

56 pages, 20 x 13 cm
bilingual (Croatian / English), softcover
, stitched
Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Editors: Tomislav Pavelić
Janka Vukmir
Text: Tomislav Pavelić
Translation: Tomislav Pavelić
Darko Poslek

Design: Igor Kuduz – D72



This artist’s book was created as part of the series of Pavelić’s work “Wisdoms” presented at the exhibition. The work is still in the process of making, but with an end in sight.

For several years, Pavelić has been performing works in various media as part of his series titled 100 attempts (to change everything). So, the work “Wisdoms” launched in 2018 will end when the artist solves 100 crossword puzzles during next year or so in which the solutions are some quoted wisdoms or proverbs.




“…… Look at this crossword puzzle.

You fill a line and another line forms by itself.

The crossword puzzle is a lot of empty squares first.

The further you go the more animated they become.


No! In the beginning it was not the word. In the beginning, it was the letter.

You go this way it makes a word. You go this way it makes another. You take it out and it destroys.

It destroys two truths.

The horizontal and the vertical.”

Parviz, from the movie Brick and the Mirror, by Ebrahim Golestan



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