OVERCOMMING ART / Надминување на уметноста / Nadvladavanje umjetnosti

OVERCOMING ART – a project on Macedonian contemporary art and culture in the time of coronavirus


exhibition:  SCS Centar-Jadro, Skopje, North Macedonia
Saturday, October 9 – 15,  2021 , 20:00 h


artists:  Darko Aleksovski, Jasmina Runevska Todorovska, Goran Ristovski, Gjorgje Jovanovikј, Ana Jovanovska and Sonja Stavrova

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curated by:  Ivana (Ivna) Samandova and Angela Vitanovska


online event:  Jon Blackwood, Bojan Ivanov and Janka Vukmir in discussion
Thursday, October 14, 2021; 07:00 p.m. (CET)
facilitated by the Institute for Contemporary art, Zagreb


Join us here, 1800 BST, 1900 CET:
Meeting ID: 867 8448 8529
Passcode: 342650
This online discussion, via zoom, discusses the issues rasied by the “Overcoming Art” exhibition at Jadro Association in Skopje and hosted digitally by the Institute of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Speakers include ISU president Janka Vukmir, Bojan Ivanov of mala galerija, exhibition curators Ivana Samandova & Angela Vitanovska, chaired by project co-initiator, Jon Blackwood.
The discussion will be built around the broad questions, how has the pandemic affected us as artists and cultural workers? What have the consequences been and how will we navigate our way out of the COVID crisis in culture?
We will also be joined in the audience by some of the exhbition’s artists, and there will be an open floor for anyone in the audience who wishes to contribute. We will be contributing perspectives from North Macedonia, Croatia, and Scotland.


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Overcoming Art is an exhibition curated by Ivana (Ivna) Samandova, a visual artist, and Angela Vitanovska, an art historian, that focuses on the consequences for art, and artists, of the pandemic that we are all still living through. The project, initially, was focused on cultural activity beyond Skopje, and involved travel and discussion with citizens about their experience of culture, their perceptions of contemporary art, and what agency they felt they had in shaping that experience.


The pandemic changed the focus of the discussion fundamentally, away from the survival of art and culture beyond the capital, to the survival of art as a category and institution itself. Using digital media, such as video or photography, Darko Aleksovski, Jasmina Runevska Todorovska, Goran Ristovski, Gjorgje Jovanovikј, Ana Jovanovska and Sonja Stavrova offered their works as a refracted view of the social, economic, political or psychological setback experienced in the Covid-19 era. These artists offered a unique attempt to pour their thoughts into a visual expression that reflects the relation presence-absence of the artist, the existential weakness and uncertainty, the yearning to break free from the “new reality”. The works that you will see meditate on the experience of making art in isolation in the last year, whilst the accompanying publication, featuring essays by the project curators, and Jon Blackwood and Bojan Ivanov, open out the terrain that these works consider and, further, invites you to add to the developing debate.


The project is supported by Gray’s School of Art; Robert Gordon University and was funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund.