Amela Frankl: This Too Shall Pass, book promotion, Koprivnica

Join us at the promotion of the book:

“Amela Frankl: This Too Shall Pass”
on Tuesday, March 5, 2019
at 6:00 p.m.
at the Koprivnica Gallery
(Zrinski trg 9, 1st floor)

The book embraces three projects by Amela Frankl, out of which the works „For the beginning“ has been realised in collaboration with the Koprivnica City Museum. Three presented projects present three unfinished stories – on the consequences left by historical and social events, on the individual and the community, on facts that are not spoken of, on an inherited family burden that becomes binding, on transmission…

“And so then I start up the story of the three stories of Amela Frankl. They are linked indirectly to the trauma of the Holocaust, revolve around the issue of the connection, in the words of Giorgio Agamben, of bare life and sovereign power. The artist explains that ‘she neither calls out nor calls for responsibility’. And I believe her. Not because I blindly accept the way in which she has told her stories. Now when they are in front of us, it is somehow clear that there must have been, before their performance — and it cannot have been for any other reason than the trouble of overcoming the condemnations of the individual, society and their politics and the possible entanglement in new accusations — a time of suspicions and contractions of thoughts, a process that required touching the stitches of the wounds, the endless opening and chasing of folds of identity, all the way to the calming of passions, to restfulness. I would almost call them commemorative.” from the text by Ružica Šimunović
“Frankl focuses on the relation of individual and community, studying it at three different but complementary levels, sketching out an answer to the question of what our responsibility is in engaging with the past. The first, the awakening, level of her performance is an attempt at an objective approach. She deals with the relation of individual to common history. In the second, subjective, dimension, the emphasis is placed on experiencing, the possibility of setting up links between the community and individual, in this case, one’s own, history. Finally, synthetically, Frankl’s performance is self-engaged, for it determines to take on the responsibility for the telling of other people’s past, showing what we can learn from it.” from the text by Marija Selak

The book will be presented by:
Janka Vukmir, art historian and the president of the Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb;
Marijan Špoljar, art historian and curator and
Amela Frankl, visual artist.