ANA KUZMANIĆ: “Artist’s Talk”, roundtable discussion and dialogue with curators



Ana Kuzmanić: “Artist’s Talk”, roundtable discussion and dialogue with curators


Ana Kuzmanić, the winner of the Radoslav Putar Award 2018, presents herself at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Trg kralja Tomislava 20, Zagreb

– on Friday, January 31 at 6:00 p.


After staying in New York, in the program of Residency Unlimited, and after participating in the work of the Radoslav Putar Award jury, Ana Kuzmanić organizes a public talk at the Institute of Contemporary Art gallery as part of a study begun within the residence. It is a one-time discursive event as one of the stages in the process of future work emergence.



„The starting point of this roundtable is the research that Ana Kuzmanić began during her study visit to New York as a recipient of the Radoslav Putar Award.

Within the residency program, curator and artist meetings are organized weekly. Although their goal is to connect and bring curators and artists closer together, their organization, defined by a 40-minute interval, makes the process automated and leaves little room for a constructive dialogue. Therefore, in subverting roles, instead of presenting her work, Ana uses meetings to conduct semi-structured interviews with curators, in which she asks them questions about the relationship between artists and curators, the social role of art, and the role of curators within the art system. Over a two-month period, she spoke with ten interlocutors who answered five identical questions. In Zagreb, these questions will be the starting point for discussions between the artist and the invited curators.“


Participating: Ana Kuzmanić, Irena Bekić, Megan C. McShane, Jadranka Vinterhalter and Janka Vukmir



* If you are an artist and have questions for curators you have never dared to ask this is the right opportunity!


The talk will last about 70:00 minutes. The number of seats is not limited, but the number of chairs is, so you might wish to arrive on time or you can book your seat in advance at