Davor Antolić Antas: ABOUT SCENOGRAPHY, all for one and one for all



Davor Antolić Antas
all for one and one for all



Exhibition opening on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m.


Institute for Contemporary Art
Trg kralja Tomislava 20, Zagreb


The exhibition remains open until January 20, 2024.


Gallery opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 13:00 – 19:00


The gallery will be closed on Tuesday, December 26, 2023 and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday,  1, 2, 3, and 6, January 2024.


Program accompanying the exhibition: a conversation with the artist will be organized during the duration of the exhibition in January 2024. The date will be announced later.


Davor Antolić Antas, visual artist, sculptor and scenographer, at the exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art for the first time presents a selection from his scenographic work on television, events that were televised and in theatres. After about thirty years of continuous work in the field of scenography, he will present a selection of 79 projects, and the process of their creation, from the first, hand-made sketches and elaborations, through work with collaborators on development, execution, to the realization of individual projects. The emphasis of the exhibition is on team, collaborative work, which is necessary for each individual project to reach the best possible solution.

Scenographic work, which is at the crossroads of various artistic and technical disciplines, is often overlooked as an integral and sometimes key component of public stage events in which the artistic design of the space determines not only the ambience and atmosphere, but also the stage movement and the visual message of the event.


About the artist:
Born in Zagreb in 1965. Education – GŠC and ŠPU, Cypriot class; Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Josip Poljan and Miro Vuca (1984 – 1990). As a student, he works on video clips and commercials as a scenographer. Cooperation with HRT (Croatian radio and television) has been going on for almost 30 years, for scenography: Animavizija, Briljanteen, Dizalica, Bembine priče, Metropop, Nedjeljno popodne, Živi zid, Nogometni realiti, Hit depo, Svjetska i Evropska nogometna prvenstva, Olimpijska prvenstva, Kruške i jabuke, U istom loncu, Gušti su gušti, Bingo show, Nedjeljom u dva, Evergrin, Dobro jutro hrvatska, Hrvatska u živo, Otvoreno, Drugi format, Miss univers; Public content shows, Emisija HRT3, Porin, Runjićeve večeri, Male tajne velikih kuhara, Crni mačak, Emisije sa G. Milićem, HNL, Premijer liga; Various selections, Show M. Tolje, Misija srca, Emisija o zdravlju, Zagrebački festival, EBU festival, Juhuhu, The Voice etc.

He also works on other broadcasting houses in Croatia.

In addition to working on TV, he is also involved in the scenography of events for VIP conferences, the VIP Christmas concert at HNK, THT conferences, 24 hours, Ponos Hrvatske, Zagrebačka pivovara, Night of the Museums, HNS 100 years at HNK, Croatian Theater Awards, Snow Queen Trophy, Sljeme, Croatian Ski Federation – World Convention, JL Restaurant of the Year, Wine & gourmet, ZABA tennis Umag, Opening of the Asian Olympic Games in Oman; Days of Croatian Tourism for the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board; Best OPG, Večernji list; New Wave Museum and many others.

He realizes in the theater: Igre u dvoje – HNK; Palčica, Waitapu, Pinokio – Žar ptica; Sljepci – &TD; Zrinski i Frankopani – travelling; Igra u predgrađu, Gavella. Film sets: SafeHouse, Milić, Muzički film o Rapcu, Gajić.

He is also involved in artistic work: he exhibits neon light installations at exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Regensburg, Zagreb, Osijek, Labin, Rijeka, Pula, Vukovar and Dubrovnik.


Visual: Courtesy of the artist