GORAN TRBULJAK: Letter to Botanists and Friends Plants and Art, Artist’s TALK



As part of Goran Trbuljak’s exhibition ‘Letter to Botanists and Friends of Plants and Art’, at the Academia Moderna Gallery, today, June 8, at 7 pm, organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art, there will be a talk with the artist and a guided tour of the exhibition. The mentioned exhibition of Goran Trbuljak is open until 10 June.

Goran Trbuljak will talk about why he wrote a letter to botanists and friends of plants and art and what it has to do with his artistic practice and will answer any questions of curious people who want to know everything about this exhibition.

You will be able to find out why his own surname was often the sole subject or theme of his artwork; what is the parallelism between the world of plants and the art world, and what do international art collections have to do with it, including the one at MoMA; why he felt the urge for selfless activism, and more.

Artist Talk also includes the author’s guided tour the exhibition.