Matej Knežević: Some Visceral Things

MATEJ KNEŽEVIĆ: Some Visceral Things
| Exhibition opening:
Thursday, December 20, 2018 @ 8:00 p.m.

| Exhibition remains open until January 19, 2019
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 7:00 p.m.
+ The gallery remains closed December 25th and 26th, 2018 & January 1st and 2nd, 2019.

Institute for Contemporary Art
Trg kralja Tomislava 20, Zagreb

The exhibition „Some Visceral Things„ is the first solo exhibition by Matej Knežević, the Winner of the Radoslav Putar Award 2017 at the Institute for Contemporary Art.

Some Visceral Things is an exhibition that for the first time explicitly combines two of the Matej’s professions, the one of the doctor and the other of the artist, although some of his previous work has been associatively entering into the personal realm of life where his daily duties, rhythms and rituals are intertwined, as was the case at the Speculative Mornings exhibition, presented at Žitnjak Ateliers, shortly before his two-month residency stay in New York, at Residency Unlimited.

This time, for the first time in his work, Matej brings his medical and visual life to direct contact and creates a „medical„ environment in the gallery. The basic characteristics of his work remain in the expressive line we know of, humour, playfulness and great material objects, we can say surgically precision-compiled in space, video and spatial installation where the viewer gets introduces to a somewhat absurd ambience that is hybrid of galleries and hospitals.
The building elements of the exhibition inspire not only thinking, but also a really visceral feeling. What Some Visceral Things relate to, the inner reflex of doctors and/or patients comes from the associations that the audience receives in the gallery, and recognise from the hospital environment. The artist would recognise the same feeling but with other impulses, known to him or her from the gallery environment, before the opening of an exhibition.

During the exhibition, in January 2019, an Artist’s Talk will be organized and a presentation of the publication with the texts of Miroslav Pišonić, Nova Gradiška; Ksenia Nouril, New York and Janka Vukmir, Zagreb.

Matej Knežević, 1983; visual artist; Slavonski Brod / Zagreb – Croatia;

Solo exhibitions:
2018. 3 players missing, RU Gallery space, New York City; USA
2018. Speculative mornings, Atelieri Žitnjak Gallery, Zagreb; Croatia
2017. You have to know him, Becić Gallery, Slavonski Brod; Croatia
2016. Training for impossibilities, Municipal Museum Nova Gradiška; Croatia
2015. Bittersweet, VN Gallery, Zagreb; Croatia
2015. Reactivation, PM Gallery, Croatian Artists Association, Zagreb; Croatia
2014. Handle with care, Matica hrvatska Bookstore, Zagreb; Croatia
2014. Everything will be OK, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek; Croatia
2013. I shop, therefore I am, Art Gallery of Slavonski Brod; Croatia

Group exhibitions / selection:
2018. Holes in Maps, 601 Artspace, New York City; USA
2018. Flat panel, 26th Slavonian Biennale, Museum of visual Art Osijek; Croatia
2018. SB=NG:, Municipal Museum Nova Gradiška; Croatia
2017. Radoslav Putar Award, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka; Croatia
2016. Multimedial project SB=NG, Municipal Museum Nova Gradiška; Croatia

Awards: Winner of the Croatian national award Radoslav Putar in 2017, for the best young visual artist.
Residencies: Residency Unlimited (April and May 2018), New York.

| photo: Courtesy of the artist