POPUP CV 2012-2017, book promotion

You are cordially invited  you to a promotion of the book

POPUP CV 2012-2017

on Thursday, Aril 4, 2019, at 19:00 p.m.

at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Trg kralja Tomislava 20, Zagreb

Speakers at the promotion: Ana Petrović, Vladimir Frelih and Igor Loinjak.

The book POPUP CV 2012-2017 is a bound note on the six-year existence of a similar project, which lasted from 2012 to 2017. All of the interviews with the artists who gave their artistic contribution and photographic documentation of the works are collected on 300 pages of a publication.
Authors and editors of the book Ana Petrovic and Vladimir Frelih have conceived the book as a platform for present and future evaluations and research, both for visual art lovers and especially for researchers of newest concepts and paradigms.

The book is simultaneously an artist book and a chronicle of an epoch. In its content, the book is a continuation of the editorial idea of Art Organization POPUP, and offers 34 chapters derived from the six-year duration of the POPUP project. The anarchoid structure of the organization itself was a tool for questioning and self-propagation but also for creating new energies for always new beginnings where dancing on the edge is not a one-time trip to something that does not exist, but a line of standards below which there is nothing.

Publisher: POPUP art organisation, Osijek
Editors: Ana Petrović and Vladimir Frelih
Authors of the interviews: Igor Loinjak, Branko Franceschi, Ana Marija Koljanin, Dora Tomić, Petra Tomljanović, Ivica Župan, POPUP
ISBN 978-953-48335-0-6, CIP 001013021
300 pages, 23.5 x 20 cm, color, 2019.
Graphic Design: Igor Kuduz 

The POPUP project is an art organization based on the idea of an alternative gallery platform. It is engaged in promoting and expanding contemporary art practice, which in a certain way “springs” out of the framework of the usual institutional frameworks and strives to overcome the perception of the terms art and contemporaneity. The project name itself refers to an unstable structure that uncontrollably pops-up as the popup advertising spaces on the web sites, ruthlessly imposing on the consumer.


POPUP’s basic starting point also has a social dimension as one of its goals is the cultural revival of numerous unused spaces in the centre of Osijek by infiltrating into them occasional art events and exhibitions. This mode of action allows for the avoidance of often impermeable and time unprogressive galleries and museums’ templates. POPUP exhibitions are short and last for only one or two days and are designed according to the specific requirements of the exhibited material and in accordance with the spaces available.