Radoslav Putar: Kritike, studije i zapisi 1961. – promotion

Radoslav Putar: Kritike, studije i zapisi 1961. – 1987.
book promotion

| City Museum Varaždin, GMV Palača Herzer, Franjevački trg 10, Varaždin
Wednesday, 19.09.2018.; @8:00 p.m.

| Admission is free

| For the occasion of the event, both volumes of the publication will be available under a reduced price.

In the frames of the program „„Wednesday at the Museum„„ by the City Museum of Varaždin we will present the book „„Radoslav Putar: kritike, studije, zapisi 1961. -1987.„„, co-published by the Institute of Art History and the Institute for Contemporary Art.
The book was prepared and edited by PhD. Ljiljana Kolešnik and Dejan Kršić, featuring two volumes of art criticism, studies and professional writing, as well as essays and criticisms from the field of design that the Croatian art historian Radoslav Putar published in the period from 1961 to 1987.
In these publications, we learn about Putar as of an agile associate of the International Artistic Movement of New Tendencies, curator and director of the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Gallery of Contemporary Art, as well as of a pedagogue-lecturer at the art courses at the „„Moša Pijade Workers’ University„„, teacher at the first postgraduate study and passionate public debate on culture and cultural issues.

Radoslav Putar (Varaždin, 1921 – Novi Marof, 1994) graduated in 1949 from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb. In his professional work, he interpreted and supported the latest developments in Croatian art and was the theoretician of the Gorgona art group and the New Tendencies movement. He wrote in exhibitions’ catalogues and magazines, critics, articles and debates about contemporary art and artists, his texts were published in professional journals and daily newspapers. He was also the author of several art monographs. Since 2002, an annual prize has been established that carries his name and is awarded to young art artists in Croatia.

Radoslav Putar: kritike, studije, zapisi 1961. – 1987., will also be presented by the head of the Institute for Contemporary Art Janka Vukmir and the visual critic and head of the Gallery of Croatian Design Association Marko Golub.

The publishing of the book was supported by:
Ministry of Science and Education
Ministry of Culture
Kontakt. Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Collection
Croatian Science Foundation, with the project 6270 ARTNET.