Vision Beyond Tomorrow: A Workshop with Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris




Workshop in Zagreb — November 20, 2019, until November 22, 2019

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The VII Academy in partnership with Image of War Zagreb: Museum of War Photography is pleased to announce its first workshop in Zagreb, Croatia. This three-day tuition-free workshop is taught by long-time friends, collaborators and co-founders of VII Photo agency, Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris.

Instructors: Ron Haviv, Christopher Morris
Duration: 3 days
Class size: 15

Lecture on the evening of the 19th November is optional. Tuition is free to selected applicants, and dinner on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd will be included; travel costs, accommodation, and all other expenses are the responsibility of the students.


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Participants will study the work of the masters of documentary photography to understand where we are today as visual storytellers. In turn, Haviv and Morris will share their work from more than 25 years as working photojournalists, covering the gamut from conflict and crisis areas to politics and daily life.


Students will learn the necessary skills of the trade of responsible journalism through examples of Haviv and Morris’ experiences in the field, with insights that are applicable to students’ own success once out of the classroom. There will be the opportunity for sustained, insightful conversations regarding their long-term projects, their passion for storytelling, and developing strategies for multi-platform outputs. Haviv and Morris will also discuss how to show work to an audience, and review portfolios with an eye toward the role of narrative form and voice in visual storytelling.


The teachers will help the students understand the pulse of today’s visual storytelling and share tips for successfully–and ethically–documenting the world and sharing stories. Workshop participants will leave with a clearer understanding of their next steps and will be well along the way to defining their personal path forward.


ICA, Zagreb  is the venue of the workshop within this program.