ŽELJKO BADURINA: Previously Unreleased, solo exhibition and artist’s talk



Željko Badurina

Exhibition of unsent postcards from the Post Art 2005 – 2011 series

Exhibition opening, 14. 11. 2011. , 7:00 p.m.
Artist’s Talk, 23. 11. 2011. u 19 sati

Galerija Academia Moderna
Augusta Šenoe 11
10000 Zagreb

Gallery Hours:
Tue-Sat, 2:00 – 7:00 pm 

The exhibition remains open until:
do 26. 11.2011.


Post-Art project of Željko Badurina is by now more than famous within our audience. It has started back in 2005 and now, while in the sixth year of its duration, the author doesn’t think that the project will be completed soon.
Post-Art is a series of postcards which are in the best tradition of mail-art sent by the author every two to three weeks, by snail mail, mainly to his friends, artists, colleagues and the various figures who work in the field of contemporary art in Croatia.
Format of the postcards sent is always identical, the regular 10 x 13cm. Recipients of postcards have by now learned to recognize them on the first sight by the envelope – the shape and the color of the letters printed on it. Also, they got the opportunity to regularly enjoy the tension, the one known from the time when all the correspondence has been received by mail, a moment when we open the envelope, waiting curiously to recognise its content.
All in all, by this mail art project, Badurina has met all the historic features of this type of communication: the intent of the artist to work in group and to replace personal attitude ba a collective one, to build the interconnected group of individuals who communicate with each other, a sort of a network of like-minded, and to allow non-commercial form of correspondence realised by a free communication.

Željko Badurina, born in Zagreb 1966, works on Post-Art project since 2005.