Zev Asher: Rat Art: Croatian Independents, film projection


Barutana Osijek 2019
2. 10. 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
HDLU Osijek / Kazamat Gallery


Do not miss the projection of the Zev Asher’s documentary RAT ART – Croatian Independents (1997.).  Janka Vukmir of the Institute fro Contemporary Art will present the film (Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb).  See you at 7:00 p.m. at the HDLU Osijek / Galerija Kazamat!


“Zev Asher s fascinating collage documentary RAT ART: Croatian Independents focuses on artists working in Croatia, a nation devastated by the war in the former Yugoslavia. (Rat is the Croatian word for war.) Many of these artists, working in the capital city of Zagreb, were relatively distant from the war zone, while others fought at the front lines (legendary punk icon Satan Panonski enlisted in the army so that he could steal a tank), but all were equally aware of the war s effects on their nation. The range of artistic expression covered in RAT ART is impressive: appearing in the film are installation artists, musicians, fashion designers, performance artists, rock video directors, comic strip artists, photographers, filmmakers and more. Although there are enormous differences between these individuals, many of them share a sense that, as one puts it, “time has stopped and civilization has no chance for advance.” Ironies abound in postwar Croatia in scenes like a car trip along the “Highway of Brotherhood and Unity” and one artists statement that “the most important thing in this war situation was to decide on and choose the most comfortable place to die in. With RAT ART, Zev Asher has developed a distinctive style of documentary; his observant, sharp-eyed camera work and quick, intelligent editing give the documentary s subjects an immediate presence and a powerful sense of urgency.”


Participating in film (in order of appearance): 

Svebor Kranjc, film director; Ivan Salaj, film director; Nenad Dančuo, artist; Mirjana Vodopija, artist; Antun Maračić, artist; Pavo Urban, photographer; Mladen Lučić / Art Film, art critic; Ivan Faktor, artist; Dubravko Mataković, cartoon artist ; Satan Panonski /Ivica Čuljak, musicianand his friend  Dubravka Ujević; Zdenko Franjić, music publisher and producer, Slušaj najglasnije; Psihomodo Pop / Davor Gobac, musician; Stella Bernhard, fashion design; Vladimir Dodig Trokut / Antimuzej, artist; Damir Bartol Indoš, artist; Vlasta Delimar, artist; Vlado Martek, artist; Grupa šestorice autora, artists; Mladen Stilinović, artist; Labin Art Express, artists; Boris Demur, artist; Krešimir Farkaš, LAE member, artist; Metal Guru / Massimo Savić, musician; Dejan Zahtila /LAE, Metal Guru, music; Let 3, music; Zoran Prlja Prodanović, musician, Let 3; Robert Šimrak, artist; Severina, music; Gonzo – Radislav Jovanov, video clips director; Alka Vujica, music; Toni Cetinski, music; Božesačuvaj / Albino Uršić i Boris Kuk,  graphic design; and Sanja Živković, coproducer.