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Text book, 2017.
ISBN: 978-953-58679-7-5 (UZF), 978-953-8027-07-9 (ISU)
36 pages, 38 images , 23,5 x 16.5 cm
Bilingual: Croatian and English, softcover
Office for Photography, Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Texts: Marko Ercegović, Jelena Pašić, Janka Vukmir

The publication is based on two exhibitions simultaneously held in
two different galleries in Zagreb, the Gallery Spot of the Office for
Photography and the Institute for Contemporary Art, in September
and October 2018. At the exhibitions the author presented his
extensive photo series created over a period of an entire decade. At
the Spot Gallery Ercegović presented part of the series titled
All or
and at the Institute for Contemporary Art the visitors had
an opportunity to see second part of the series, titled
Frightens Me
. The accompanying catalogue co-published by the
Institute for Contemporary Art and Office for Photography and
designed by Igor Kuduz. For the Institute for Contemporary Art this
was a frist collaboration with the artists and the first coproduction
with the Spot gallery.

“(…) One of these ideas is that a camera as a machine keeps its share
of authorship of every photograph, while the other is that every
photograph recorded by a photographer depends on his or her
movement and the position of the body. (…) On this he says:
Anything is photographable. At one point he says that a photograph
is never more valuable than the scene it records, but at the same
time, that the scenes he chooses are in fact non-chosen,
spontaneous, that they have been recorded because he, as a
photographer, is present. (…)”
(from the text by Janka Vukmir)

“(…) In the complex harmony of the exhibition displays on two
locations (…) completely new interrelations between photographs
emerge, which are by no means fixed and highly non-authoritative.
It is much less important what these photographs depict than what
they produce, for the volatile and almost endless possibilities of the
narratives they create. Ercegović reveals the possibility of
redefining the photographic language, its grammar and syntax in the
erosion of fixed and determined meanings. (…)”
(from the text by Jelena Pašić)
Marko Ercegović was born in Dubrovnik, and now lives and works
in Zagreb. He graduated in Cinematography from the Academy of
Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He received numerous awards and his work
was presented at a number of exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Jelena Pašić, co-curator of the exhibition, is an art historian, curator
and art writer, active in the filed of photography and engaged inn
participatory practices with her own activities. She works at the
Office for Photography.

Janka Vukmir, co-curator of the exhibition, is Zagreb based art
critic and curator, co-founder and president of the Institute for
Contemporary Art