Vlasta DELIMAR & Milan BOŽIĆ: The silence of Living Sculptures in the Silence of Damaged Houses, 2020.



Vlasta Delimar and Milan Božić performed a piece titled The Silence of Living Sculptures in the Silence of Damaged Houses in public spaces, streets and galleries of Zagreb during November 2020.



The performance was part of the Ganz New Perforation Festival program organized by the This is a Domino Project association and Performance Night. The Institute for Contemporary Art was a partner in this performance, among others.

Check out the photo gallery of the performance during November 2020 below. You can find the photos from the performance at the Institute for Contemporary Art at the bottom end of the gallery.

All photos by Silvija Dogan.

The performance was dedicated to the problematic relations of governing bodies with organizations that work in the field of culture in Zagreb, and whose buildings and objects were damaged in the strong earthquake that hit Zagreb on March 22, 2020.

With their well-known practice of charring their own bodies in public space, Delimar and Božić confront the artists’ bodies to the cultural system and, by staying in front of or in those damaged spaces they want to heal or at least mitigate the damage, associating their bodies with damaged architectural and sculptural elements and humane empathy for the injured.





Courtesy of Vlasta  Delimar