TOMISLAV PAVELIĆ: Wisdoms, solo exhibition





On Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 8:00 pm


Institute of Contemporary Art

Trg kralja Tomislava 20

10000 Zagreb


The exhibition remains open until Saturday, March 07, 2020.


Gallery hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 19:00



During the exhibition there will be an artist’s talk organised and promotion of a new publication, the artist’s book “Wisdoms”. The exact date TBA.


Tomislav Pavelić’s exhibition “Wisdoms” is his first exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art.


Pavelić presents two works in the exhibition, of which the video “Earth is a colorful ball” was presented in Osijek at the 26th Slavonian Biennale in 2018 and “Wisdoms” is presented for the first time.


“… the author combines the video installation” Earth is a colorful ball “(premiered at the 26th Slavonian Biennale in Osijek 2018) with the latest ready-made work” Wisdoms”, ie. the crossword puzzles he solves every morning (“to give his brain a little start”), and which, on this occasion, contain exclusively eight-pace wordsearch whose solutions are the classic “wise sayings” of famous thinkers. In the spirit of the Dadaist worldview, this is an interesting example of erasing the boundaries between the “low” culture (eight-pace wordsearch) and the “high” culture of eternal wisdom from the well of the entire history of human thought, rendering such sources somewhat bold but well intentioned “while, on the other hand, their deep authenticity is reinforced by the repetitive emphasis on a direct, unwavering connection to everyday life. The video, in close-up, shows the author raising one eyebrow first and then the other, while viewers also listen to the stereo recording of his alternating repetition of the words “Earth is a ball” and “Earth is a flat plate”, on the left or right.” Bojan Krištofić, from the exhibition introduction.


Tomislav Pavelićwas born in 1964 in Zagreb, where he completed his studies in architecture in 1990. He writhes essays on architecture and visual arts. He is the initiator of the show The Reality of Space, Between Poetics and Politics (editor Evelina Turković) on Croatian national radio, Channel 3. In 2012, he was elected Commissioner / Curator of the Croatian appearance at the 13th Venice International Architecture Exhibition.