DINO BIĆANIĆ, Hvar, 1980.


Dino Bićanić (1980. Bihać, BH) has graduated sculpture on Academy of Fine Arts in Split in class of Kažimir Hraste 2007. Lives and works in Hvar.
He has shown his work at solo exhibitions Bićanići, Town Gallery Labin in Labin, 2019.,  Church San Marko in Hvar, 2019.,  Bićanići in Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb 2018., Walls Have Ears in Studio 21, Split 2016., Everything is Going to Be a Memory in Salon Galić Split 2016., Good Days, Bed Days in Gallery of Fine Arts, Split 2016., Watching Painting in Gallery Prozori, Zagreb, 2015., Dino Bićanić and Vedran Perkov in Alcatraz, Ljubljana, 2014. Gallery SC, Zagreb, 2014, Salon Galić, Split 2013., Premiere 01 in Public Open College, Split 2008. and group shows such as Triennial of Croatian Sculptures, Zagreb 2006., 2012., 2018., Almissa Open Art Festival, Omiš 2016., 2018., Sprint, Split 2018., Art of Appropriation, Zagreb, 2017., Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2014., Dimensions of Humor, Osijek, 2011., Zagreb, Split, Pula, 2012., Normalisation Dedicated to Nikola Tesla, Zagreb 2006.
He is a winner of one of three equivalent prizes in 39th Split Salon. Has realised public sculpture in town of Hvar.






Tiring Vacation; 2017 – 2020

226 postcards, digital drawings in Paint program, silkscreen, 10 x 15 cm,
postcard stand, h 180 cm



The man lying on the beach asks Rodin’s Thinker: Obsessing much? The Thinker: No, why do you ask?


This is one of 226 postcards exhibited at the exhibition Finale 2020! of the Radoslav Putar Award. Work is titled Tiring Vacation[1]. It speaks of the position of the artist. The social perception is that artists really don’t work and that they are on some kind of lifelong vacation, especially conceptual artists.


I live in Hvar and Hvar is extremely tourism-oriented. Every normal being is in this or that way in the tourism business. My position is reversed, instead of renting apartments, freed of that duty, I am closer to tourists. I am writing the postcards and posting them on Facebook already for the 4th year in a row. They are some kind of zen postcards. They have no face, their face is empty, or their face is not a face – they are reversed. I create them in the Paint program mainly because of practical reasons and they have “a digital look”. The work refers to digital, virtual or the revolution of the social media. There is always one character repeating in the drawings, he just lies there, talking mostly to himself. There are lots of autobiographical elements in him and, you can say that he is an idealised version of me. A good way to read the work is with an empty mind. There is nothing to understand and the work doesn’t have any hidden meaning – all there is – is on the surface. The element of humour is there like door the “higher consciousness”, with humour everything becomes easier and humour can’t be learned. One of the postcards says „Ideas usually come to me when I stop thinking.” So, what is demanded from me as the author and the observer of the work is – not to think.


I have decided to accept donations in the gallery. At first, I intended to sell the postcards, but because of the procedure complexity, I opted for donations. The stand with the postcards is on the display in the gallery window and the idea is that it becomes invisible, as one of many window-displays in the street. With Tiring Vacation, I work for real – accepting donations – and it is one of the rare opportunities to earn with my own work. If nothing else, at least that.


[1] The literal translation from Croatian would be the Annual fatigue, which is the opposite of the annual rest denoting the annual leave, a syntagma used for vacation.