90 texts from the 90s


In preparation for the exhibition 90s: Scars, which revisits the art practices and the social and political contexts of the 1990s in Central, South-eastern and Eastern Europe, as well as parts of Central Asia, the Institute for Contemporary Art in Zagreb (ICA) is reoffering a collection of texts initially archived at the ICA as part of the Research Project, conceived in 1997 by the SCCAN – Soros Centers for Contemporary Art Network, and funded by the Open Society Foundation, New York.


The purpose of the project was to select, collect and disseminate texts on contemporary art practices in post-communist countries around Soros Centers for Contemporary Art, written in the 1990s. The coordination of the project was carried out by the SCCA – Zagreb, today the Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb.


All of the texts that were collected have since been published on the website of the I_CAN, International Contemporary Art Network, the short-lived successor of the SCCAN. We did not intervene in any of the texts, outside of correcting obvious typos and spelling.


When collecting the texts, we were given permission from all of the authors to rightfully use them. If anyone now has different instructions, please, contact us at the


The exhibition 90s: Scars is curated by Janka Vukmir and organized by the Institute for Contemporary Art and the MMSU – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, as part of the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020.


Originally set to open on May 14 – 16, 2020, at the MMSU in Rijeka, the exhibition has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Enjoy reading in the meantime and send any feedback if you wish.
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Alexandra Titu Experimentalism in Romanian Art / Romania

Alfonsas Andriuškevičius Destiny of Two Myths / Lithuania

Anders Harm Ene-Liis Semper’s New Video Works / Estonia

Anders Harm Self-portrait as an Estonian Artist Self-image in Media Art / Estonia

Ants Juske Is Stalinist And Nazi Art Postmodernism / Estonia

Ants Juske Subjective Maps and Artistic Cartography / Estonia

Barbara Borčić From Alternative Scene to Video Art / Slovenia

Barbara Borčić Yugoslav Border Scenes / Slovenia

Berislav Valušek Activist Art in Yugoslavia of the Eighties – Democratic and Totalitarian Options / Croatia

Bojana Pejić Postcommunism and Rewriting of Art History / Serbia

Bojana Pejić Socialist Modernism and the Aftermath / Serbia

Branislav Dimitrijević Shaping the Grand Compromise / Serbia

Branislava Anđelković and Branislav Dimitrijević / Serbia

Calin Dan Aesthetics of Poverty / Romania

Davor Matičević Identity Despite Discontinuity / Croatia

Dejan Sretenović Art in a Closed Society / Serbia

Dunja Blažević East Side Story / Bosnia Herzegovina

Dunja Blažević Meeting Point / Bosnia Herzegovina

Galina Elshevskaya On Actual Criticism on Actual Art / Russia

Gordana Novaković Short History of Electronic Art, Part One / Serbia

Heie Treier The Sublime in Business / Estonia

Helena Demakova The Apple Harvest / Latvia

Iara Boubnova Freedom, brother, is an approximate thing / Bulgaria

Iara Boubnova In the Local Discourse as in the International Context / Bulgaria

Iara Boubnova Post What Neo How and for Whom Where and When / Bulgaria

Iara Boubnova Sofa Palm Trees Are Your Chestnut Trees / Bulgaria

Igor Zabel Art in Slovenia in the Eighties / Slovenia

Igor Zabel Slovene Art of the Nineties / Slovenia

Igor Zhor Young Prague Artists / Czech Republic

Istvan Hajdu Shameless Attempt at Explanation II / Hungary

Jana Geržova A historical perspective / Slovak Art / Slovakia

Janka Vukmir The Reflection of the City / Croatia

Jiri and Jana Ševčik Painting of the 1980s in the Czech Lands / Czech Republic

Johannes Saar Kaljo Põllu / Estonia

Judith Angel Exhibition practice / Romania

Katarina Rusnakova Between Man and Woman / Slovakia

Kestutis Kuizinas Implications of Context in Lithuanian Contemporary Art / Lithuania

Konstantin Akinsha The Wreath Grave of the Ukrainian Postmodernism / Ukraine

Lajos Nemeth Introduction to Hungarian Contemporary Art / Hungary

Leo Gherasim Short Treaty on Wear / Moldova

Leonid Bazhanov and Irina Gorlova Intersection in Tallinn / Russia

Lidija Merenik No Wave / Serbia

Lidija Merenik Some Aspects of Yugoslav Modern Art / Serbia

Ljiljana Nedelkovska 9 1:2 New Macedonian Art / Macedonia

Lolita Jablonskiene New Modern Art in Lithuania / Lithuania

Ludvik Hlavaček Three Czech Postmodern Artists / Czech Republic

Magda Carneci The80s / Romania

Maria Oriškova Fragments / Slovakia

Marijan Susovski Crossroads in Central European Art and Art Criticism and Possibilities for Co-Operation / Croatia

Marina Gržinić Fiction Reconstructed / Slovenia

Mikhail Rashkovetsky Odesa Experiment / Ukraine

Mikhail Rashkovetsky Unnatural Selection / Ukraine

Mikka Hannula Vadim Checkorsky Miroslav Kultchitsky Flirting with Clichés / Ukraine

Miklos Peternak Whi is was the Victim / Hungary

Nebojša Vilić On “Art with Relation” at “The End of the Century” / Macedonia

Nermina Kurspahić Art in Spite of Everything / Bosnia Herzegovina

Octavian Esanu CarbonART / Moldova

Octavian Esanu Last Ten Years / Moldova

Oleg Sydor-Gibelinda Ukrainian Art the Old People and the New People / Ukraine

Olena Mikhailovska and Andrey Taranenko Found Stuff New Art from Ukraine / Ukraine

Olena Mikhailovska Free Zone / Ukraine

Olexandr Solovyov In the Twilight of Postmodernism / Ukraine

Olexandr Solovyov Until the Recent Time / Ukraine

Peeter Linnap The Change of Simulation Strategies in Estonian Art / Estonia

Radislav Matuštik Basement / Slovakia

Raminta Jurenaite Between Compromise and Innovation / Lithuania

Rasa Anrušyte Art Groups the Novelty of the Organisational Art Life / Lithuania

Ruxandra Balaci Photography / a Proposed Chronology / Romania

Ryszard Kluszcinsky Four Chapters of the History of the Polish Avantgarde Film / Poland

Ryszard Kluszcinsky New Poland New Video / Poland

Ryszard Kluszcinsky The Past and Present of Multimedia Art in central and Eastern European Countries / Poland

Sirje Helme Avantgarde in Estonia / Estonia

Sirje Helme Virtual Histories of Estonian Art / Estonia

Solvita Krese Art as a Threat / Latvia

Sonia Abadzieva Six Macedonian Artists / Macedonia

Suzana Milevska Cinderella Syndrome and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Syndrome / Macedonia

Suzana Milevska The Story with Many Beginnings / Macedonia

Valentino Dimitrovski The Aspects of the Current Artistic “Scene” / Macedonia

Valeria Ibraeva  100 Years of Solitude / Kazakhstan

Viktor Misiano Fatal Strategies / Russia

Vladimir Bulat No Radicalism / Moldova

Vladimir Bulat No Short Treaty on / Moldova

Vladimir Levashov Pseudo Palindrome in the Monographic Style / Ukraine

Vladimir Perts and Andrey Fomenko Kunstkammer / Russia / St. Petersburg

Yekaterina Degot Contemporary Moscow Art Restoration of the Artists Body / Russia

Yekaterina Degot Deep Hole as the Place for Contemporary Art / Russia

Yekaterina Degot Terrorist Naturalism Art in an Illegitimate Zone / Russia

Yekaterina Degot Theatre of Envy / Russia

Zuzana Bartošova Contemporary Slovak Art / Slovakia

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