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from Koprivnica

is the new partner of the Radoslav Putar 2020 Award


[with a new partnership with HULU – SPLIT, previously announced]



There is more news coming in organising the 19th edition of the Radoslav Putar Award. The new location which brings the Radoslav Putar Award to Split in collaboration with the HULU (local Association of the Visual artists)  as we informed you at the end of the last year,  is not the only novelty in the Radoslav Putar Award for artists up to 40 years of age.
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We are adding to the news another newly launched collaboration in 2020 that will enrich the Radoslav Putar Award:


Thanks to the collaboration with Galerija S from Koprivnica, the winner of the Award will along with the two-month residency program in New York, a solo exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art and a seat in the jury will receive the opportunity to produce one new work!


Gallery S will make possible the production of one multi-original, graphic or multiple, in agreement with the winner of the Radoslav Putar Award.



The Gallery S is offering to the Radoslav Putar Award winner this year the opportunity to produce or print a new work: graphic, multiples or multioriginal.


The selection process for the Radoslav Putar Award winner will remain the same. The winners of the Prize will be selected as before by a five-member international, jury, including the last year’s Award Winner and one selected from an open call for curators under 40.


The selection of work that Gallery S will produce, will be mutually agreed upon by the author and the Gallery S, given the technical, technological, organizational, media and financial complexity and limitations of the performance and production of the work. The total production volume will depend on the circulation of the multi-original.


Gallery S will continue to participate with the Radoslav Putar Award in future years as is planned with this new production component.




Gallery S is a Koprivnica-based gallery focused on the printing and sale of prints by contemporary artists and the collection and sale of prints by authors from this area from the 1960s to the present.


In its 30 years of existence, under the guidance of art historian Marijan Špoljar, Gallery S has established itself as a recognizable exhibition site, and the innovativeness of its content and activities is well known to the local and professional audiences. Through the affirmation of younger and youngest artists, as well as through the market verification of already confirmed authors, the gallery focused on offering contemporary works of artists and expanding the contemporary art market in Croatia.


In 1991 the gallery started with one of its most important programs, printing and publishing graphic maps / sheets, initially by local authors, followed by graphic-poetic and graphic maps / sheets of Croatian contemporary and contemporary art authors.


One of the important activities of Gallery S is the publishing activity within which the Gallery has published about ten monographs.


Since Gallery S no longer operates within a specific physical space since 2013, the gallery’s activity has shifted to printing new authors’ prints and selling prints and works of art by these authors from the 1960s to the present.



Radoslav Putar 2020 Award

The Finale 2020 exhibition will be held in Split, in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Art with HULU SPLIT,

at the Galic Salon, Marmontova 3, 21000 Split

Finalists Exhibition Opening, FINAL 2020! will be held on June 16, 2020, at 8:00 pm.

The exhibition will be open until 11 July 2020.


The Contest for the Radoslav Putar Award 2020 and the invitation for one jury member up to the age of 40 will be launched soon. Follow


The Radoslav Putar Award brings to the winner:

– 8 week stay at Residency Unlimited in New York, USA

– a solo exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

– production of one new multi-original

– a seat on the Radoslav Putar Award jury in the next annual cycle



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Open pdf: Radoslav Putar Award news 2020